About Us

Mission Statement:

To ensure that all the children of Hawaii are guaranteed the same rights and protection under the law, regardless of race, religion ethnic background or the financial situation of the parents.

Our vision is a Hawaii where the values embodied in our cultural diversity are manifested in our beloved keiki. "Somewhere over the Rainbow" as Brother Iz magically sings, is a Hawaii where all children are guaranteed the right to a phone call from a parent, a Christmas card from their Mom, or a bouquet of flowers from an off-island Grandma. The family ohana as a unit, whether involving married or divorced parents or never married parents make up the cornerstone of our society, and must be nurtured in our everyday lives.

Mediation should be mandatory. Conflict resolution through court ordered mediation has proven to be very effective nationwide. Hawaii must join this national trend.

Visitation schedules have been standardized by nationally recognized experts such as Dr. Joan Kelly according to age appropriate guidelines. Children in California and Arizona feel safe knowing that they have the best visitation schedule for their age and one that is similar to other children of divorce. Hawaii must guarantee the same security and peace of mind to our keiki.

Court Custody Evaluators and Guardians Ad Litem must be ordered to follow approved and recognized formats of conducting evaluations and social studies. Court officers must have training in child related issues and disciplines. Ethical conduct is a must. No drinking of alcohol while conducting evaluations should be condoned or tolerated. It is tragic that a bus driver or a medical doctor are liable for traffic accidents or untimely deaths if found to be working under the influence of alcohol, yet, our beloved keiki and their futures are entrusted to evaluators who drink on the job.

Emancipated children are free children. The safety net of our ohana allows children to be capable of self-determination. Children must be heard. Working together, we can make "Over the Rainbow" happen here and now.

-Myrna Murdoch